Corporate Philosophy

Our company stands for reliability, quality and punctuality offered within a cost-effective framework.
Corporate Philosophy
Aim is to provide our clients with long-term satisfaction. In our engagement towards regenerative energy, we strive to combine local expertise with global thinking. We derive great pleasure, when our work contributes towards the conservation of living conditions on our planet.

Social Commitment

As a company active in the field of renewable energy production, it comes naturally to us at Terraform to take an interest in the world beyond our workplace: people and their environment are important to us.
We are well aware that our support of a variety of projects is "only one piece of the puzzle", but a commitment to social activism is an important part of how we at Terraform understand our work and its place in the world. Examples of our activities include the sponsorsing of needy children in Bolivia and Chad, as well as contributing to the Jane Goodall Foundation's work protecting Uganda's endangered ape population. Terraform team members were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit the Foundation's Ugandan field station in 2005, an experience that served to reaffirm our commitment to this important work. In addition to these international activities, Terraform is also active in its own backyard, supporting a number of smaller social projects and intercultural activities. Terraform continuously supports with donations during natural catastrophes as we are all too aware that it is the destitute who are often most affected by such disasters. We have foresaken on our budget for Christmas gifts in lieu of charity donations.
Social Commitment

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More than 2370 foundations – we built – our experience and continuity.


Terraform manufactures foundations for all renowned manufacturers of wind turbines.
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